Hear by Jacqueline Abelson Review and Giveaway

Hear by Jacqueline Abelson
Release Date: May 2012
Age: YA
Genre: Contemporary, Illness, Friendship, Music
Format Reviewed: ebook
Source: Author for Review
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Lots of people can hear, but how many really listen?
At the age of 17, Charlotte Goode has issues. Serious issues. Despite countless surgeries, her parent's panic attacks, and a well-meaning oncologist, a rare genetic disorder means Charlotte must live with recurring tumors. Life isn’t supposed to be this way.
And just as Charlotte is learning to cope, she gets some devastating news: Tumors are growing on her auditory nerves. But, the necessary surgery will leave her completely deaf.
With the operation scheduled in a month, Charlotte prepares herself for a world without sound. A world without the violin she loves, without her best friend’s laugh, and even without her boss’s irksome tone. Charlotte's on a mission to take it all in, while trying to hire a band to play a benefit concert. Will it be The Bond Boys or Lennox?
Counting down the days until everything goes silent, The Bond Boys’ lead singer, Ron Cam, sweeps Charlotte off her feet. He’s pure charisma. Then there’s Matthew Lovelace of Lennox , who captures Charlotte’s attention with his music and “that” voice. What will she do?
Time is running out. Charlotte must find a way to leave the hearing world on a high note without missing a beat
The amount of time and dedication the author put into this story is evident in the truth and pure passion the story exudes. Charlotte is one of those characters that will follow me around for a long time. It's a well thought out and delivered message about life, those we love, and dealing with hard times. It's also a tough issue and a dramatic topic told in an excellent way, not to put down but uplift. It's refreshing and an all around great read that made me smile.

For a long time Charlotte has suffered with benign tumors on her body. When she felt like she could finally take a deep breath as her life was going the way she wanted; they show up in the worst possible place and threaten to take away one of the things she cherishes most, her hearing. Hear is Charlotte's story. It's told in a great way, alternating chapters between the month before and time after the life changing surgery. This book is inspirational and mature, yet still holds that YA charm. Charlotte is 17 and makes mistakes.

My favorite aspect of the book and the authors talent for writing is definitely the chapter layout. The prose and fluid nature of the book don't suffer in this creativity, in fact, they flourish. Jacqueline Abelson has an impeccable talent for story telling, and is the perfect author to tell such a dramatic piece.

Books that elicit strong emotions are my thing, and this one certainly does. Like my hatred for Andrew. What a TOOL! Even now my face goes all frowny just writing this! But, then the author goes and makes up for it by creating a character like Matthew. Oh, Matthew. :) Like I said, strong emotions! Loving it! Then the added greatness of music that floods the story, there are links to music throughout and it just adds an extra element that makes it full and rich.

In the author's note of Hear, Jacqueline enlightens the readers on the lengthy and dedicated process of creating Hear. And, she also reveals her inspiration, Jessica Stone who was diagnosed with neurofibromatosis type II at just 15. The passion and devotion that Jacqueline shows throughout this book is remarkable and as inspiring as the story itself.

As mentioned earlier, I loved every second of this journey. It's a tough subject, but rather than feeling deflated at the end I was proud of this young girl who has endured so much and keeps going strong. Thank you very much Jacqueline for the chance to read and review what took you so long to create, it was awesome!

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