Nevermore by Kelly Creagh
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
Genre: YA Fiction/Fantasy

I enjoyed this book, a lot. I found myself thinking about the story when I wasn't reading and really wanting to find out what happens next when I was. It's one of those "West Side Story" kind of books, only so much more. I thought it was going to fall into that, boy from one group likes a girl from another, kind of book but it really blew me away.

Isobel is a cheerleader, Varen is so obviously not. They get paired up for a project and nothing in their lives remains the same after that. They have amazing chemistry throughout the story and I am hooked on this series, and it's only the first book. Obstacles are constantly being thrown in their way and they do their best to come out on the other side.

Kelly Creagh does a great job. The beginning had me cringing a bit. Her use of words like "crew" and other slang terms bothered me, it was unsettling and almost annoying. I quickly got over it as I got lost in the pages. Varen is a deep character, well created and has exceptional depth. Isobel is well defined as well. Their relationship is one I can't wait to see develop into more throughout the series. Read this book. It isn't at all what you will expect, even with this review.

Another plus for me was the information about Poe. His works, his life, his disappearance and mysterious death. It was quite enjoyable and a plus to the well rounded story. I will say the end is quite crazy and may take some processing and rereading to comprehend. I'm still not certain I understood it completely, mainly parts in the other world.

Overall, I am definitely a Kelly Creagh fan after this one. If you liked Perfect Chemistry, Incarceron, and/or Beautiful Creatures this book is for you.


  1. I've been really curious about this one and thanks for the If You Like..... I really like when books and be compared in such a way where I;m like "Oh, I love those books." Two of those three I have read. PC LOVED and BC was good.


  2. I'm glad it was helpful!! The relationship between Isobel and Varen really reminded me of PC.

  3. I have thought of getting this a couple of time but haven't quite made it as far as the checkout with it as I thought it would just be the same kind of story line that is found in loads of YA books lately. I think I will be checking it out though now.

    Thank you!