After Eden Review

Release Date: April 11, 2011
Age: Young Adult
Genre: Paranormal Romance, Dark Fantasy, Angels
Source: Author
Format: E-book
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Devi knows she shouldn't trust the new employee at her favorite used bookstore. Sure, he's funny, smart and hands down the sexiest guy she's ever met, but something dark lurks behind his unassuming smile and sinful green eyes. Still, a girl can't always afford to be picky. When an angel abducts your twin brother it should come as no surprise that the one person who can help you get him back is a demon--and only if you're willing to pay his price.

While reading After Eden I kept having one thought, "this is really freaking good!" I have been so privileged lately to have so many amazing self published authors, small publishing companies and more approaching me to read new books!! Thank you so much Katherine Pine, your book rocked my socks.

It's a paranormal romance filled with Angels, Demons, and Devils. While the book has a kind of religious undertone I don't believe it to be a converting type book or even a I believe this way type book, it's just a great story with an awe inducing plot about Angels and fallen ones. Our main character never really confesses an opinion either way, I like books like that.

In After Eden we meet Devi. Devi has lost both her father and her brother, has one friend, and doesn't enjoy shopping. She walks through life with caution and reads cheesy romance novels which is how she meets her favorite bookstore's newest employee, Oz. 

When Devi meets Oz, everything in her life changes. He's handsome, dark, a little mysterious, and very charming (and he likes cats), i mean seriously what a dream boat. While it may sound like another of those "sad girl meets boy and he changes her life when they fall in love" kind of books it also has more elements to drag you under with. 

Devi believes her brothers disappearance was her fault and wants nothing more than answers as to why he's gone. She might just get these answers thanks to Oz. There's a whole world existing right next to Devi's normal life and by being close to Oz she opens herself up to danger and truths that she may not want to know. "After Eden" has an incredible plot that kept me hooked well past the end. It's a book that makes you want the sequel right away. 

Pine is a great story teller, as in A-list story teller, she will make it to the top of the writers food chain. This book is a must read for fans of paranormal romance, especially those that love books about Angels, especially fallen angels, because everyone likes bad boys ;). 

A gift from the author to all of you is the chance to download After Eden for free!! If this sounds like the book for you, and even if it doesn't you should give it a try (it's free and you never know)

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Also, a note from the author: there is a kindle giveaway contest at Kindle Indiependence with a group of indie YA authors. If you read/review After Eden before July 4th, you can enter the contest (there are a lot of other ways to enter as well, which are on the website).

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