Beth Revis, the very talented author of Across the Universe and it's upcoming sequel A Million Suns is hosting a huge and amazing contest. Find out how to enter here.

The directions are to tell everyone about the one book you are most thankful for. 

In my case I am most thankful for Delirium by Lauren Oliver.

Delirium had my heart racing throughout the book. It is my first choice of favorite books for several reasons, the first being that for days after I read it I couldn't stop thinking about the ending and the overall events in the story. It is a phenomenal book that seriously made me cry and when I wasn't crying it made me smile. It is beautiful and broken at the same time. Lauren Oliver is one of those writers that causes goosebumps when you read her words. The emotions her characters transmit is one anyone who was or is a teenager, or anyone who's ever been in love can understand and appreciate.

Love is the main concept in this book, love causes Deliria. Raw emotions, that someone somewhere decided were unhealthy and thus needed to be destroyed. My favorite part of Delirium is that Lena starts off thinking whole heartedly one way, and then throughout the book through a chain of events, ends up on the complete opposite side. 

I love it. I love this book, and I know I will love the series when the next books are released. I am thankful to Lauren Oliver for creating such a mind blowingly fantastic read, and I am also thankful for Beth Revis for making me think about the one book that I appreciate the most. :)


  1. I love hearing the books people are thankful for. I just got Delirium from the library, now I can't wait to start.

  2. I loved Delerium too - it made me think about it for days after.