The Vincent Boys by Abbi Glines Review

The Vincent Boys by Abbi Glines
Release Date: October 12, 2011
Age: Young Adult
Genre: Contemporary Romance, Drama, Love Triangle, Realistic Fiction
Format: e-book
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Being the good girl isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Ashton Gray has grown weary of playing the part to please her parents, and to be worthy of the town’s prince charming, Sawyer Vincent. Maybe That’s why she’s found herself spending time with Sawyer’s cousin, Beau, while he’s away for the summer camping with his family. Beau is nothing like her perfect boyfriend. He’s the sexiest guy she’s ever seen, dangerous in ways she’s only day dreamed about, and the one guy she should stay away from. Beau never envied Sawyer his loving parents, his big nice home, or his position as quarterback. He loves him like a brother. Which is why he's tried everything in his power to keep his distance from Sawyer’s girlfriend. Even if he has loved her since the age of five, Ashton is Sawyer’s girl, so therefore she’s off limits. But when Sawyer leaves for the summer, Ashton, the one girl Beau would move Heaven and Earth for, decides she wants to get into trouble. Stabbing the one person who’s always accepted him and stood by him in the back, is the cost of finally holding Ashton Gray in his arms. Is she worth losing his cousin over?.... Hell Yeah.
In a tweet I mentioned Miss Abbi Glines being a literary rockstar and I wasn't joking, in fact I am so serious, this woman ROCKS. After reading and reviewing Breathe I knew I'd be putting some books aside to sit down and read The Vincent Boys, which I gobbled up in one sitting (my husband calls me antisocial, but I just prefer fictional characters over real ones). This book is a fast paced summer romance with the suspense of we-shouldn't-be-doing-this tension, which makes the passion that much more amazing.

So, The Vincent Boys... I don't even know where to begin.. I guess I'll start at the beginning. Our main characters are: Beau, Ashton, and Sawyer. I love the best friends turned relationship status, and it works very well for this book. Ashton, while always closer to Beau growing up, chooses Sawyer when he becomes interested in her. When they become a couple, she changes everything about herself to be with him. For 3 years Ashton and Sawyer have been dating and one summer apart brings Ashton closer to Beau. She's turned into this perfect person in order to be worthy of Sawyer, but she's not happy and it takes special attention from Beau to make her realize what she really wants. Beau is a bad boy, and Abbi Glines really knows how to create bad boys that are exceptionally drool worthy. Everything about him screams sex appeal and he's so different from his straight laced cousin that I can see why being near him opens Ashton's eyes.

In my opinion, which this may be a miniscule spoiler, Sawyer did not stand a chance. The story starts with him being away. The reader has no chance to ever root for him before Beau enters and steals the show and the girl. He seemed sweet and all, but how can anyone compete with Beau Vincent, he reminds me of Patrick from Hush, Hush (well a Patrick with a southern accent), I'm not sure why, I think it was the part where they played pool that did it.

I feel like I'm saying too much, just go buy the book and read it for yourself. I obviously really liked The Vincent Boys, and if you're looking for a YA romance that will leave you grinning I highly recommend it. I can't wait to checkout Abbi's paranormal romance Existence which I will be reading very soon. And from what I've heard the sequel to The Vincent Boys is due out this summer, plus Because of Low due out in just a few weeks. Like I said, literary rockstar, Abbi Glines is a book writing machine.

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  1. I bought this book because one of my fabulous blogger friends told me it's amazing. I still haven't read it yet, but I really hope to soon. Thanks for the great review!!