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Friendly Fire (Thin Air #2) by Lynn Seresin
Age: YA
Genre: Fantasy, Supernatural, Drama, Romance
Format: Ebook
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Though their love remains strong, the pressure of constant danger has taken its toll on Alice and Daniel’s relationship. Paralda’s assassins continue their murder spree in New York City, targeting girls who resemble Alice in an effort to fulfill the air king’s deadly directive. As if life wasn’t complicated enough, the couple must also fiercely guard the secret of Alice’s emergent powers and true identity from everyone--including their closest friends--to protect her safety.

Enter Ash and Terrance: two former elementals, each with their own set of reasons for transmuting to the human plane. For Ash, the material realm represents freedom and the possibility of fulfilling a forbidden wish. Terrance has only one aim in the mortal world: to win Alice’s heart. And it seems he’ll stop at nothing to achieve his goal.
When I read Lynn's novel Thin Air, the first book in this series, I was mesmerized by Lynn's poetic language and I was very glad to see more of it in Friendly Fire. See my Thin Air review here and since this book is a sequel, I recommend reading book 1 first!

Alice and Daniel's relationship has become rocky with the ever present threat that looms over her, and they find themselves facing more danger to stay together. This book made me dislike Daniel, a lot. I found myself no longer rooting for them and their relationship (but not rooting for the other leg of this love triangle either). Daniel became an overbearing jerk, trying to control not only Alice's appearance but her as well. I loved him in the first book, but was very disappointed with his change in overall character. I'm sure there's reason to his madness, and it is explained, but I just don't see why she puts up with it.

I've enjoyed following these characters in their growth and getting reintroduced to their friends, especially Dante, and meeting Ash was interesting and heart breaking. I didn't know which direction Lynn planned on taking Ash's character, that was definitely a mystery.

The overall feel of this book is rather depressing, focusing on more and more drama as the pages unfold.

The ending of Friendly Fire was a pure shock to me, I'm still not completely over it. I enjoyed reading more of Alice's story and can't wait to see where Lynn takes the next installment. This book was a fast read for me, but I felt it lacking a little of the surprise element (no pun intended) that I found in book 1, being a second book it is much more than a filler book with quite a bit happening throughout the pages!

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  1. It sounds like the shock ending was not jarring but enjoyable, which is good. :)

  2. It was interesting, yes. It definitely sets the rest of the series up differently than I had originally thought it would end up. It leaves a lot up to the imagination, which is great, totally unexpected!

  3. Well I am definitely intrigued and will be checking this title out more :) Thank you for sharing.