April (or is it May already) is the month for change, or so I've dubbed it.

I will be updating my layout and until I figure out exactly what I want it may look silly over the next week or so. I'm going back and forth between doing it myself, using a free template, purchasing one again, and any other option I see necessary. I can't decide and I'm kind of crazy so I may be going back and forth a lot. Bare with me folks.

So a warning. If everything is askew, I apologize. I will try my best to test things out on my other blog and then move it over here once I'm ready. :) Thanks for understanding! And I will make it as user friendly in this progressive stage, hey, I may be so good no one even notices everything and I made this post for no reason. Reason or not, now you know (not that it would have been hard to figure out, but I just like to hear myself type)!

Happy Reading! and I leave you with this..

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  1. I can't wait to see the new look! I'm sure it'll look FABULOUS no matter which route you choose to go with.

    And ahh, that picture <3 There's my thought process in a nutshell on a Friday night ;)