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Top Ten Tips for New Bloggers
I've only been blogging for about a year, but in that year here are some tips that I HIGHLY recommend you (you being new bloggers) live by.

1. BE HONEST- You can't make everyone happy, but don't be nasty be constructive and always highlight good things about a book along with the bad. Can't find anything good to say? Why review it. My personal policy is not to review books that I don't enjoy, who wants to be a negative Nancy? But, to each his own, and I don't mind reading negative reviews I just don't enjoy writing them.

2. READ WHAT YOU WANT TO READ- I get anywhere from half a dozen to a dozen review requests a day now, but when I first started blogging I got maybe 1 a week, maybe. I found myself saying yes to every author/publisher/agent in the beginning, no matter if the book sounded interesting to me. Then I'd trudge through a book not in my genre, or an age group I don't care for, and hate myself for agreeing to review it. This should be an enjoyable experience, be picky about what you accept. So, my advice, if you wouldn't want to read it why put yourself through that?

3. STICK TO WHAT YOU KNOW- I think this goes for all bloggers, not just in book blogging. Make your posts relate to your blog. I don't go to my favorite book blogs to read about DIY projects (unless maybe for bookshelves). Just remember who your audience is and create posts they will want to come to your blog to read.

4. MAKE A REVIEW POLICY AND STICK WITH IT- I absolutely detest receiving emails about review requests from individuals who obviously have no idea what my policies are. I made that page for a reason and I do not accept books from people who don't read it, what would be the point.

5. REMEMBER QUALITY OVER QUANTITY- It's hard as a blogger starting up, seeing every other blog with 1000 followers when you only have 10. But, what new bloggers have to realize is those blogs have been around a lot longer. It's a numbers game, everyone knows it, but focus on getting quality followers who want to read your content, comment on your posts, and follow your reviews is what is important (even though it's really hard to not pine over large numbers).

6. GOODREADS IT UP- Say this with me, Goodreads.com is my best friend. If you don't know about goodreads yet, well, I can't help you. It's a very very useful tool, one that I rely on endlessly.

7. GET AN EREADER- Whether your preference is Nook, Kindle, Kobo, or using the free app on your phone it will help to have an ereader. Sometimes review books are only available as galleys, why pass it up just because it's not a physical copy.

8. DON'T BE AFRAID OF SOCIAL NETWORKING- Get your name out there. Create a twitter account, a bookblogs.ning.com account, a facebook page. Anything to spread the word about your new blog.

9. STAY ORGANIZED- Use calendars, email folders, anything you can to keep dates straight.

10. JOIN BLOG TOURS- A great way to meet other bloggers, authors, and get your name around are blog tours. Some greats hosts are: A Tale of Many Reviews Blog Tours, Supa Gurl Blog Tours, These Paper Worlds Blog Tours

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  1. Love the tips! Thank you so much for posting them. My brain has officially turned to mush from over-saturation of the most incredibly helpful advice today :)
    Angela @ AJ Arndt Books Blog