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Saving You Saving Me by Kailin Gow
Release Date: April, 16 2012
Publisher: Sparklesoup
Age: YA
Genre: Contemporary, Romance, Issues
Format: ARC paperback
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Sam never thought she would fall for the one mysterious guy she has been speaking to over the phone for months, the boy the counselors called Daggers. She wasn't supposed to talk to him outside of their sessions. But as she began to peel the layers of Daggers and learn who he is, the one boy she is supposed to be saving, might just be the one who is saving her.

Saving You Saving Me is an issue filled book that is hard to put down and hard to let go. Kailin Gow does a fantastic job relating the lives of the young characters found in her story, to her readers. She tackles issues in the book, like teen pregnancy and many instances of abuse carefully.

Samantha wants to be the perfect daughter to appease her perfect pastor father. She acts grown up and responsible. But, who has the time to be that good? It must be exhausting. Soon, her life catches up with her and the good girl who lacks any type of social life ends up with 3 boys wooing her. First we meet Collins, a successful young entrepreneur who has his eyes set on Sam. Collins character is complicated, beyond complicated really (Christian Grey, anyone?). I don't like him, he's cocky and bullheaded and hard to relate to, I just don't see the appeal. Then, we meet Derek. At first, a great character, easy to love. Then, the more he gets screen time, the less I was infatuated. Lastly, we are introduced to Daggers, a man of many layers and problems. Throughout the book any reader is given so much information to formulate their own opinions of what is going to happen.

When Samantha begins volunteering as a peer counselor her "perfect" personality Susan comes out. Susan is the voice screaming in Sam's head about what's right and the correct things to do. Nothing like Sam's little devil on her shoulder, Lola, wearing the 6" heals. This bit of humor to the story is fun and refreshing, a break from the drama and intense conversations found elsewhere in the book.

Kailin Gow throws a lot of elements into her book that make it easy to get involved in the story. It's a fast read full of drama and some very deep topics that would make it an excellent discussion group read.

Saving You Saving Me is an emotional and involved part one, which is great. I'd like to follow the lives of the characters and see what plays out.

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  1. I've read the first two books of the Fade Series and the first four books of the Frost Series. I will be catching up this summer and starting some of the other series and reading the upcoming summer releases.

    Great review. I just can't believe you didn't like Collins or Derek. They were both awesome characters for me even with their unusual characteristics and flaws. :)

  2. No I haven't but if I read this one and like it, then I defintely will.

  3. i haven't read any of hers yet, but this is the first i've really heard of this author. I'll have to look into reading some now : )

  4. I haven't read any of her books yet.