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Caged Moon by Rachel Deagan
Release Date: May 8, 2012 (2nd edition)
Age: YA
Genre: Werewolves, Paranormal Romance, Shape-shifters
Format: ebook
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Haunted by an animal attack, seventeen year old Charlotte feels she is being followed. When she runs into a mysterious boy while camping, she’s afraid. Nothing seems right about him. Despite trying to stay away, there is an unmistakable draw to be near him. Even his scent smells familiar. But the closer she gets, the faster the secrets begin to unravel. Not only is he not human, he may have a link to her past. When Charlotte finds out someone wants her dead, she is torn between love and fear. Can she trust him to keep her safe?

Werewolf and shapeshifter books happen to be some of my favorite types. There's something about a feral yet tame (sometimes) beast that becomes human that lures me in. Caged Moon is a great addition to the genre. Think Maggie Stiefvater's Wolves of Mercy Falls, like that one? Then this is definitely worth a look.

My one complaint and the reason I would say 4 stars instead of 5. Insta-Love. The dreaded love at first sight syndrome that makes me sad, no really it makes me sad. Charlotte is a great character and so is Liam but they could have taken a little longer to get to know each other. Before long he's professing love and I myself am thinking, wait, did I miss a few pages here; why do you love her. It's a feeling he has, he's drawn to her. And, while their relationship seems genuine, the fun chase in the beginning could have gone on a bit longer.

My favorite character in the book is dorky, cute, and stalker Liam. Too bad he's not real because Charlotte would have a serious fight on her hands (not that I'd be able to compete with her, and I'm sure my husband wouldn't be too happy). But, I'm serious. He's a fantastic male lead and alpha in his case, he's great. The book is honestly full of great characters, like Liam's rowdy friends, but if I had to choose just one to keep me warm at night it'd be Liam ;)

The book is full of mystery and suspense. Liam's past, that he may or may not share with Charlotte, is hard to figure out. He's secretive and closed off, especially when it comes to his family. When Charlotte and her friend Ty start to find answers Ty's life hangs in the balance as Charlotte trusts her instincts, even the ones she's been suppressing since she was 5. With a nonstop story line, funny characters, an adorable love story, and plenty of action Caged Moon is definite must-read for Paranormal fans.



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