Ba(n)d Romance Giveaway!

Pulpit rockYesterday I was lucky enough to reveal Sarah Billington's cover for her new short story Ba(n)d Romance. Today I get to host a giveaway of 10 ebooks of Ba(n)d Romance by Sarah Billington, they will be sent to the winners when they are available August 1st!!

This giveaway is open internationally, all that the author asks is that after reading the book the winners post reviews onto Goodreads.com and/or Amazon.com :) Easy enough right, since most of us do that anyway!


  1. Okay, mine is from Taylor Swift's song:
    "I love the gap between your teeth
    I love the riddles that you speak
    And any snide remarks from my father about your tattoo will be ignored
    Cause my heart is yours.
    Don't you worry your pretty little mind
    People throw rocks at things that shine
    And life makes love work hard
    The stakes are high
    The water's rough
    But this love is ours."

  2. Mine is from Alexunder Base ft. Frissco's song:

    Don't you wanna be free
    Come on and stay with me
    I got you in my life
    In my life...