Bound Review and Giveaway

Bound by Annie Oldham
Release Date: March 2012
Age: YA
Genre: Fantasty, Action, Adventure, Magic, Drama
Format Reviewed: eBook
Source: Author
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After her mother dies, Elowyn Challis would do anything to bury the pain, but being shipped off to boarding school isn't what she had in mind. Things could be worse. Wyn finds a place for herself in the academy and living in the capital is just sparkling. But under it all, her mother's death still haunts her. Then Wyn discovers a secret that changes everything she believes: the bedtime stories her mother told her as a child are real, the faerie realm exists, and she is the Binder—the one mortal on earth with the power to seal the gate to Fae. It's a power Wyn's not sure she wants or can even wield. But she must confront her nightmares and her grief, or two worlds will be torn apart.
Bound has a little bit of everything between the pages. It's a fantasy adventure story with the feel of Libba Bray's Gemma Doyle series mixed with Lesley Livingston's Wondrous Strange series. Once I started this book it was hard to put down, the story is fast paced and mysterious. In the beginning the reader is stuck guessing what is going on as events unfold and secrets are shared. Strange things begin happening as the main character Wyn leaves home for an all girls academy.

The boarding school/academy aspect is always appealing to me. Upon entering the academy Wyn befriends Becky who is a great counterpart for her. They are instantly great friends and share a lot in the span of the story. Their relationship is easy and one that many girls can relate to.

Annie's characters are easy to follow, not complex, but still very interesting. The fantasy element and use of Fairy knowledge goes well with this book that could be a historical non fiction if not for the fantastical parts. It's a fun and enchanting take on a story that I've read but not in this way. Bound begins as a light read and the reader is quickly taken on a journey that turns darker and more serious. Wyn is a loyal friend and I believe she is an excellent person to be given the power she has. As the Binder she has responsibilities and she's a capable heroine, especially with the help of her friends.

My favorite character in the book is a Brownie named Pip. He's a feisty and fiery little guy who stands up for but what he believes in and is a loyal servant and friend. He's just an adorable addition to the book and has some comical parts in the book.

The love story in the book is a little fast moving, but it fits in well with the story. It's a refreshing part of the story, developing in the middle of serious events. Wyn's life has recently been difficult and she's endured a lot and I think opening her heart, even at a time like this, is moving and thoughtful. She's a great character, strong and sure, and any guy would be lucky to have her.

Bound is a wonderful read, especially for fans of books about the Faery realm, but I think others will enjoy it too. It features a great group of characters, strong story line, and an action packed adventure. If you're looking for a magical read I definitely recommend this one!

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