The White Lilac Review

The White Lilac by Christina J. Adams
Release Date: February 2012
Age: YA
Genre: Dystopian, Futuristic, Adventure, Mystery, Science Fiction
Format: ebook
Source: Author
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Fifteen year old Caryn Tobin is willing to sacrifice her life to save the world, and to atone for her part in the death of a friend. Kai Garrett will risk everything to discover his past and why he was abandon. When their paths join, they form an unlikely friendship that could change everything. The fate of the world hangs in the balance.
From the very beginning I knew I found a new favorite!

In this book, that made me think back to The Hunger Games but has a completely original premise and feel, Christina J. Adams kept me entranced and unbelievably hooked to a new story line and excellent plot! Sometimes science fiction books can be hard to reach, not this one! From the very beginning I knew I was going to love The White Lilac and I did. It was such an exciting and hard to put down read, I am very impressed with Christina and can't wait to read more from her!

The book alternates between Kai and Caryn's story, until they eventually cross paths. Both teenagers know what it's like to look out for themselves and grow up on their own. Their similarities end there; where Caryn is quite sheltered Kai knows what the world is like and has to live in it (and on its' streets). My favorite aspect of the book was wondering how these two completely different teenagers were linked, and that information shocked me.

Caryn has been genetically altered to be the best at what she does, and this earns her the title of The White Lilac when she enters a competition with others who are great. After the competition she is given a brief vacation before having to fulfill her duties as The White Lilac, which happens to completely open her eyes to the world around her; and she ultimately is then left to save the world she lives in (even if it means risking her own life). On her hiatus she learns valuable information, which causes her to question a lot of what she's always believed. She is left with a huge decision one that could change everything.

Caryn is a strong and able character, I absolutely loved reading about her. She personifies humanity and growth. I loved her fragile yet completely capable personality. She's thoughtful and different; a great heroine for such an extraordinary character well beyond her 15 years. I found hoping for a better outcome for her as she lived life to the fullest and took in new opportunities with bright eyes.

Kai was my favorite character from the book. He's a street urchin shrouded in mystery with an illusive and hidden past; Kai has been taking care of himself and knows nothing of his early years. When his life changes and he meets a dangerous man I felt bad for him. He has this amazing and quite sarcastic attitude that was such a contrast with the rest of the book. I found myself laughing and smiling more than once when he was on the page. But, then his luck changes and things look better for him after her meets Caryn. Their relationship begins as a companionship and is innocent enough until he finds himself worrying about her and gets involved in her future without even realizing it. Caryn and Kai have a friendship that builds throughout the book, it's fun and not at all forced. As they grow together their personalities really show. It's not a mushy love story but a beautiful one.

I was pleasantly surprised with the political aspects of the story. What began with an amazing beginning only got better as the book was revealed. It takes a sharp turn when Caryn is given the chance of a lifetime and an opportunity she never thought she'd have. But, that opportunity was just a set up; you have to read the book to find out more.

So, I loved the The White Lilac it is an excellent excellent read. It's unforgettable, original, intense, and will have you asking a million questions like, "What would you do?". The author creates a fantastic future world and worlds that are very imaginative and unbelievable. I love where she takes this story and the twists and turns and new information we learn throughout. Nothing is as it seems and I honestly can't complain about that or any part of the book (except maybe the cover, but that is just my opinion and does not in anyway reflect on the author; I just tend to judge a book by its' cover and all I'm saying is with this book don't!). I went into this story curious and by the end was completely satisfied! Make sure to check it out!

About the Author
Christina J. Adams finds inspiration in the green rolling hills and farmland surrounding her home in Maryland. She loves writing and reading books for children and teens and gets more excited about a new book coming out, from one of many favorite authors, that it’s probably not good for her health. She didn’t think being a writer was a serious profession until after high school, but has since decided it is the best career ever.


  1. Great review! I've only read ONE ya sci-fi book and this one will be the next!

    Leigh | Little Book Star

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