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Dead Perfect by P.G. Shriver
Release Date: February 2012
Age: YA
Genre: Drama, Contemporary Romance, Supernatural
Format: ebook
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My lifelong dreams never included falling in love. Graduating top of the class, going to college somewhere far away and starting a life in a place where my alcoholic mother could never find me were the first three goals on my list. Then the unexpected auto accident with Mother, after her regular doses of vodka, altered all of that. With her gone, my life and my perspective changed forever.  

Desperate to find Joanie so I could break free, I returned to my old school. The search led me to her, my Aphrodite, a familiar lost look in her soulful eyes. Fantasies of her forced reasoning from my mind. I had to meet her! Once fallen, would her love for me survive the ghostly secrets haunting us?
Dead Perfect through me for a loop! In a good way. I kept trying to picture where the author was taking the story. As the book began I felt like I had it all figured out. It starts with Mel's POV, I felt bad for her and saw where the story was headed. But, then it switches to Davis' POV and bam. The author throws us a curve ball as their perspectives switch back and forth and a unique and addicting story line unfolds.

Mel is in a car accident where she loses her mother. Her life is turned upside down. Then she meets Davis. Their love is declared almost immediately and the book really only takes place over a very short period of time. I felt like their romance could've used some building up, but it is sweet and definitely an emotional journey. These two characters clicked and I was happy for them.

In the beginning of the book we meet Davis's parents. The dialogue from a particular dinner scene bothered me. It was corny and forced, then I finished the book and it didn't bother me anymore because there was a very good reason for the word choice. His sister Donna was probably my favorite character, either her or Franky. They had this love-hate fun relationship where they called each other names and picked on one another. It was cute and added a little reprieve from an otherwise intense read.

It's always hard to write reviews for books like this because on one hand I want to tell you all the secrets and on the other I had so much fun reading this book and finding them out on my own that I would never want to give anything away. So I will stop here so that I don't tell you too much.

Dead Perfect is a delightful and quick read that focuses on forgiveness and young love. It is also a mysterious drama that I wasn't able to put down; I was trapped until I read the last page. It develops quickly and has a two major plot lines that I never saw coming. I enjoyed this read for the well done element of surprise and likable characters. Definitely a good book and one I will be mentioning to those I think will love the elements!

About the Author
Born in California, and raised in Minnesota and Texas, P.G. spent her early years writing poetry and winning poetry contests, while escaping the drama in her own childhood by reading great books for children. Ever since her earliest days, she loved story telling. She wrote numerous short stories in High School and her early college years, continually trying to relive that first experience at the age of seven of seeing her name in print in the local newspaper.
P.G. sought her education at the University of Texas, where she studied English, literature, and Education. During the entire process of earning her BA and M.Ed, she never stopped writing and trying to be published. It was during this time that her first children's book No More Stinkbugs! was accepted for publication by Castle Keep Press. Many of her stories develop from nature.
P.G. graduated college and began her career in education, another great world that offered real experiences to humor and delight through children's books. She watched children interact, bringing to surface her own experiences as a child and yet more events to write about. While teaching, she discovered many great books for young people, such as The Watsons Go to Birmingham-1963, Maniac Magee, So. B. It and many more. She is a fan of Dean Koontz novels, too, and loves reading fantasy and paranormal books.
P.G. was married 20 years in March 2012 and has a bright, young daughter who has begun her own college career. She lives on a small farm in Texas with her family and animals. P.G. has experienced great love and loss throughout her life. Those her family has lost have dedications in her books.
P.G. has two young adult books published, Dead Perfect and The Gifted Ones: The Fairytale the first book in The Gifted Ones Trilogy. She also has several children's books written under Gean Penny, her pseudonym. P. G. has since dissolved her contract for her first book with Castle Keep Press and moved the title to her own imprint, Gean Penny Books.


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