Ever by Jessa Russo Review and Giveaway

Ever (Ever #1) by Jessa Russo
Release Date: October 1, 2012
Publisher: Curiosity Quills Press
Age: YA
Genre: Paranormal Romance, Ghosts, Supernatural
Format: ebook
Source: Publisher via Netgalley
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Seventeen-year-old Ever’s love life has been on hold for the past two years. She’s secretly in love with her best friend Frankie, and he’s completely oblivious.
Of course, it doesn't help that he’s dead, and waking up to his ghost every day has made moving on nearly impossible.
Frustrated and desperate for something real, Ever finds herself falling for her hot new neighbor Toby. His relaxed confidence is irresistible, and not just Ever knows it. But falling for Toby comes with a price that throws Ever’s life into a whirlwind of chaos and drama. More than hearts are on the line, and more than Ever will suffer.
Some girls lose their hearts to love.
Some girls lose their minds.
Ever Van Ruysdael could lose her soul.
Ever's story took me by surprise and blew me away. The emotional entanglement captivated and held me throughout the story. I am vested in these characters and am hanging on for the next installment, because OMG Jessa Russo can write a cliffhanger. Whether you're for or against being left dangling and anticipating the return to a certain world and its characters, this book is definitely 100% worth a try.

Going into Ever I was excited, and wary. Excited for the original plot and creative story line. Wary for the word of mouth; I had heard some mixed feelings on the book but I always like to test the waters myself, and my oh my I am glad I did. It was an excellent read, one that I know a lot of Paranormal YA readers will love. Having just read Betwixt (which was also phenomenal) by Melissa Pearl I was already in the mood for some more ghostly adventures. The story is Ever's, it is her crazy life and the way she copes with the hand she is dealt. Loving a boy she can't touch and lusting after a boy she can.

Not only does this talented writer excel at story telling but Jessa Russo also knows how to make an effective and nail biting love triangle. She knows how to move her readers and make them fall in love and then add this element that I personally never saw coming. She pretty much pulled the rug out from under me, and personally I am team Frankie all the way, but I can't help but feel sad about that. Like most, it's a book you have to experience first hand to get the full effect.

The main reason I love Supernatural and Paranormal books is that ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN. This book was such a glorious escape from reality, even if it was heart breaking at times, it was worth the ride. I say 4 stars (closer to 4.5) because of all the questions I still feel are unanswered, as always occurs in the first book of a series. I am definitely looking forward to book 2!

I will be on the lookout for more books by Jessa Russo but in the mean time here's a little something something to keep everyone satisfied! So share the book love!

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  1. I've actually never read a ya ghost story before so this would be a great first read! I really like your review and it makes me want to buy the book right now! I've added it to my TBR list :)
    Little Book Star