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Lennon's Jinx (Lennon's Girls Trilogy) by Chris Myers
Age: New Adult (17+)
Genre: Contemporary Romance, Drama, Family Issues, Health, Music
Format: ebook
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Sometimes, we don’t get to choose who we fall for.

Lennon spends most of his time raising his little sister Currie while trying to skate through his senior year of high school. He prefers groupies with no-strings attached but finds himself strangely attracted to Jinx, the straight-A student in his choir. Lennon’s curiosity overrules his good sense as he tries to peel away the layers to discover the reason for Jinx’s skittishness.

Jinx conceals the black truth about herself from her friends. She won’t admit to them that she screwed up big time, losing her first love and what she once held most precious. 

When Lennon’s band holds auditions to replace their keyboard player, Jinx comes to tryout and almost leaves after seeing Lennon. Despite the fact she despises him, she joins the band to nurture her love of music that will hopefully ease the guilt gnawing away at her. 

Like the rest of his band mates, Jinx soon witnesses Lennon battling his infamous father for the custody of Currie. While confronting his pent-up anger at his dad, Lennon exposes vulnerabilities he had no intention of letting any girl ever see, especially Jinx. Their reckless pasts may bring them together or further complicate their already messy lives.
All of the characters in Lennon's Jinx have their flaws. They have their real problems, their secrets, their lies, their issues, and their intact humanity. They are not perfectly drawn up and they are incredibly frustrating. Following this story was not only tear jerking but memorable; from the beginning to the end secrets are spilled and lives are altered. As the characters come to terms with the hands dealt to them and overcome the obstacles in their way, one can't help but to plunge into the book and into lives of the characters. This was a book that I enjoyed reading. I liked the music aspect, the drama, and the twists throughout.

Currie and Zoe stole the show. Currie is Lennon's younger sister and Zoe is her best friend. They brought flare and an undeniable and crushing love that immerses all of the characters involved. Their large part in this book was beautiful and I looked forward to more as I read. He spoils them both rotten and is this cuddly teddy bear, or hunky monkey, to them. He's this completely different person around them and it's evident that he would do anything for them. As a rockstar absent father tries to wiggle himself back into their lives; Lennon finds himself torn between forgiving the past and holding onto his little sister as tight as he can. Heartbreak and devastation litter their story and it brought an amazing element into the book.

Lennon's role as Currie's guardian is defining for him. He is forced to leave his childhood behind and raise his younger sister. In the middle of his responsibilities he's never had a serious relationship and never cared to; until Jinx tries out for his band. Lennon, who begins as nothing special, really took me by suprise. He's the common male character that we have all read about. He's the bad boy heart breaker, who sleeps with everyone, and is incapable of love and a musician. Following him around the story I was sure I knew how it would turn out, but then as I discovered more about him and his past and this person he really is, I was thrown. Well done Chris Myers, well done.

Jinx is the ice cold girl at school. She's the smart one, the one who can't seem to get over her ex, and the one fighting demons of her own. She wants nothing to do with Lennon, but as she gets to really know him the layers begin to peel off. She sees a different boy than the one she's known all along and what she sees she really starts to like. I absolutely loved the fact that Chris didn't just throw these character together and call it a happily ever after. It's called real life and Chris writes it well. There was no instalove and no wrapped ending with a pretty bow. It's messy, complicated, and torturous for all involved.

It's a messy and complicated book, it made me cry and made me crazy. It's the first book in a series and I'm looking forward to continuing Lennon's journey.

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