Happy Birthday Abbi Glines! Giveaway!

     I made the comment a few months ago about Abbi being a literary rock star. Her rock star status continues to grow and along with it her fan base. This woman deserves every bit of fame and the following she's secured. I love her writing, her witty sense of humor, her southern accent, and her ability to create swoon worthy boys. She is freaking amazing! Happy Birthday Abbi Glines!

     My obsession with Abbi began with a little novel called Breathe, the first book in the Sea Breeze series. I'm not really sure how I came across it, probably Goodreads, but as soon as I started it I knew I found a new favorite author. I read it, loved it, and here we are folks. Breathe is definitely more YA and less risque than her other novels, but I happen to love it just the way it is! Just as I do the other books!

     Minus the Existence series, WHICH I OWN AND WILL READ eventually, I have read all of her other books released books; including an ARC of the upcoming Twisted Perfection, check back for my review post on April 24th as part of the AToMR blog tour!

     I have no shame in my fan girl status. Anyone who has read one of Abbi's books knows there's no going back. I hope each and every one of you have read or will read her books, you won't be disappointed it!

Some of my favorites:

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  1. Happy birthday Abbi! But... is it really fair that someone else gets a present? I hope that someone is just as generous to you. :)

  2. Abbi is an awesome author I have read all of her books except twisted perfection and I will say sh is my favorite author! Happy birthday!!