Care to Share?


I'm a horrible "keep-posts-up-to-date"er. This weekend I will be in beautiful Alabama for a wedding and then next Saturday I'm jetting off to London, Ireland, and Scotland for 2 weeks!! I AM SO EXCITED! My mom and step-dad live in London and this trip will be my very first international travel! Any tips?

While my online presence will be small for the next 3 weeks (I'm still here!!!) I am in the process of scheduling posts to go live, so that you pretties have something pretty to look at. I promise to be less of a slacker when I get back!

If anyone would like to guest post or guest review send me an email with an idea, question or book review! The new blog email address is thelifeoffiction@outlook.com (my previous email address is still in use and going strong so don't fret, change is good).

Next week I have reviews for these books scheduled:

Stay awesome and share the book love!


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