A TAT Giveaway


Do you know what TAT stands for (besides tat, as in tattoo)? GOOD! You better! TAT stands for THAT AWESOME TREAT. No, not really. It is the acronym for Karina Halle's series The Artists Trilogy.

The second book in the trilogy, Shooting Scars, comes out on Tuesday August 20th! TUESDAY! TEAM CAMDEN! That is only 4 days away! My review will go live that day, I'm not going to spoil anything and I definitely won't rub it in that I'm reading an ARC RIGHT NOW, I'd never do that!

To celebrate the release I have an ebook giveaway for you guys! Entry is simple: SPREAD THE WORD LIKE WILD-FREAKING-FIRE that Shooting Scars comes out in 4 days! Spread the word every day for more entries! It's only $2.99 to pre-order the ebook and WELL WORTH TEN TIMES THAT!
If you haven't read Sins & Needles (book 1) 
make sure you read that one first!

The Artists Trilogy Reading Order

I am giveaway away 3 ebooks to 1 winner, if there ends up being a large response I will add a second set of ebooks!
This giveaway is for Kindle copies of these books gifted from Amazon!


  1. No, I have not read them yet. Thnaks for the giveaway.

  2. I haven't read them yet but I would love to. Thanks ever so much for the giveaway! (crochet addictuk)

  3. Not yet but I am hearing awesome things about the books!

  4. Not yet but I am hearing lots of fantastic things about TAT!