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Screwed by Laurie Plissner
Release Date: May 2013
Publisher: Merit Press
Age: Mature Young Adult
Genre: Contemporary, Coming of Age, Teen Pregnancy, High School
Format: Hardback
Source: Publisher for Review
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Flattered by the attentions of Nick, the cutest guy in school, seventeen-year-old Grace Warren, captain of the math team, lets down her guard and gets pregnant the night she loses her virginity. Hopeful that Nick will drop to one knee and propose when she breaks the baby news to him, Grace is heartbroken - Nick wants nothing to do with her. Her best friend, Jennifer, thinks she should get an abortion, but Grace is certain that her morally upright parents will insist that she keep the baby. After she comes clean to her super-religious, strait-laced parents, they surprise her by insisting that she terminate the pregnancy to avoid humiliating the family. But when she sees the fetus on the ultrasound, she decides she can't get rid of it. Deciding to save the tiny life growing inside of her, Grace must face the consequences of being that girl - the good girl who got knocked up.
Grace is faced with one of those tough-life altering decisions; does she face her problems head on or make them go away?

Grace is a bright senior in High School who makes a mistake that shakes everything she's ever believed and known. When she gets pregnant by a boy she barely knows, she is faced with the wrath of her "let's make our appearances shine" parents who try to force her into doing something she doesn't want to. When she won't do as they say, they kick her out, thinking she'll come to her senses and obey them. Brought in by a neighbor, Helen, she begins one of the hardest years of her life but decides to do what she thinks is best, not terminate her pregnancy. She loses and gains people in her life during this time.

Helen is a rock in her crazy world. She supports and loves her, letting her know that whatever she does will be the best decision. Having survived concentration camps and a Nazi regime, Helen values family and is loyal to those around her.

Screwed is an issue book; it's a what would you do book and a look at people and not down to them book. It's a book that will make you think, reflect, and relive moments in your life. There's a part in the story where Grace is sad for the adopted families that she's considering. She doesn't find it fair that they can't have a child when they want one so bad, but a teenager with no money or support system can. This is one of those things that I often think about. This book, while very fictional and happily ever after, brings up conversation and tough situations. It's a great discussion book or book to read in a group.

Have you seen the film Saved? Throughout this book that movie kept popping up in my head. When I start reading a book about anything religious I inwardly cringe. It's not something that I enjoy reading. This book was one that painted Grace's parents as hypocritical christians, preaching one thing and living by a completely different moral code. I hated them. The way they push Grace out of their lives and continue living, more so her dad. I know people are like that, but it's awful. And, it's awful to think how loyal Grace is to the fault of wanting them back in her life after everything.

Jennifer, Grace's friend, is a loud mouth pain in the rear. As a reader you can tell she has her heart in the right place, with Grace in mind, but man. She kind of made me crazy. Charlie on the other hand, while his dialogue was way to formal, he was sweet and considerate.

The book changes point of view a lot. One minute your seeing the story from Grace's point of view and then all of a sudden without warning you're in her mom or dad's head. At times the reader is even thrust into the point of view of other characters that make rare appearances. It got to be confusing, unnecessary and I felt the story would lose it's flow.

Overall, Screwed is a fast paced, easy (but not light) read about a girl doing what she feels is right despite what those around her want. It's inspirational and I can't even begin to put my self in the shoes of the teens who struggle with problems like this.

The publisher provided me with a copy for review and now I'd like to pass it on to one of you!
Open to entrants 13 and older in the US.

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