Gladius and the Bartlett Trial

Gladius and the Bartlett Trial by J.A. Paul
Release Date: April 8, 2011
Age: Young Adult
Genre: Adventure, Fantasy
Source: Author
Format: e-book
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When fifteen year-old Gladius Oldmont is thrust from his peaceful home into the dangerous Longwood Forest he finds himself pitted against a tyrant who has been terrorizing the lands in search of answers to an ancient secret that could unlock absolute power. From the shadows of Longwood Forest to the Hills of the Moon, Gladius must survive encounters with a near extinct scimitar cat, an ornery dragon, a horde of death bats and a tumultuous underground river which leads to a subterranean labyrinth of tunnels. Along the way, he makes new acquaintances and discovers the true meaning of friendship, including Elle - a girl who captivates his heart.Can Gladius and friends solve the riddle of the ancient secret before the evil Mulhurt does? If they can, will they be able to do anything about it?

Gladius and the Bartlett Trial is a story about so many things and mainly it's a quest for our main characters. You find yourself holding your breath when things go wrong and smiling at the silly humor throughout. It is captivating and such a fun read for the entire family. It's the type of story different people will like for different reasons, there are so many rich elements that make it timeless and addicting.

Gladius is brilliant, at 15 he goes on an adventure during his Bartlett trial to help a man he just met reclaim his home and home to many others. It makes you wonder, could you have the heart and compassion he does? He takes on this challenge like a true hero. J.A. Paul made Gladius' character capable of being so dimensional. He comes from this peaceful place where he lives under his remarkable brothers shadow and he blooms into this full on leader.

It was so interesting to read a book from a boys perspective, not that I haven't before but every time it's so refreshing when so many young adult books are written from a girls perspective. Sometimes I think I spend so much time reading about tough and strong girls that I forget, boys are pretty spectacular too, Gladius is pretty spectacular. Upper elementary and middle grade boys will definitely love this heroic tale.

A lot happens in this story, Gladius, Flint, Elle, and everyone they meet on the way hold their own and are excellent well developed characters!

I've already recommended it to some of the older students and they are pretty excited to read it!

There is adventure, some magic, nonstop action, and more found in this journey that people of all ages will enjoy! I liked this book and know you guys will too!

Thank you to the amazing author for the chance to read and review this book. Check out J.A. Paul's website for a peek at Gladius and the Bartlett Trial!

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  1. This sounds fantastic! I love the sound of the high fantasy, adventure, and epic battles. The characters all sound very well developed as well. I totally agree with what you said about reading books from a boy's perspective. It's always nice read from their POV. Great review!