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Nova: Daughters of Darkness by A.J. Kane
Release Date: May 2014
Genre: Witches, Paranormal, Fantasy, Magic
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A prophecy, a dark lord who looks way too good in black, and, well, Ireland … the perfect ingredients for a dangerous brew.

Nova and her sisters are witches. They've always known about magic and their ability to use it, but never in their wildest dreams did they imagine the role it would play in their lives. It all begins with a trip to Ireland and then some haunting dreams. Nova is torn from her sisters and then her heart is torn in two when she begins to fall for the guy no girl should ever fall for. Will she make the right choices? And when the battle rages, who will be left standing?
About the Author:
A.J. Kane resides in beautiful southern Maine where she writes Paranormal, Fantasy and Romance. She is currently working on the second book in her new adult paranormal trilogy, Daughters of Darkness; due out in 2014. Her writing is fueled by chocolate, coffee and pasta, in no particular order. She has a life goal of traveling to Ireland at least once, and possibly never leaving. Her hobbies are reading, cursing (quite frequently), singing and listening to PINK obsessively, even though she is a rock chick at heart. Some of her favorite bands are mostly unknown, like Halestorm, Prospect Hill and Our Last Night. A.J. would love to hear from you! Contact her on Twitter @ajkaneauthor www.twitter.com/ajkaneauthor or on Facebook at www.facebook.com/ajkaneauthor.

Nova turned to see her parents and Kyna standing behind Branna. “Why are you out here in this? You should be in the circle, where you’ll be safe!” she reprimanded Niamh and Craven.
“And leave you three out here to fend for yourselves? Nova, you know we can’t do that.” The incredulous look on her father’s face would have been comical if the situation weren’t so serious.
Even though Nova understood their need to see for themselves that their children were safe, she still hated the fact that they were in danger.
“We were born for this and have the powers to defend ourselves.”
“Oh, we are not defenseless, Nova.” Her mother said. Joining hands with Craven, Niamh chanted a spell, causing plumes of smoke to billow in and swirl around them; hiding them from view.
“Cool” Kyna loved it when her parents performed magic.
Her mother grinned. “See, we did manage to keep some power to ourselves.” Their parents looked at each other, happy they could show their daughters they were here to fight, not to be protected.
The archers, now in the trees, began to rain arrows down on the demon swarm. That gave Nova, her sisters and their parents a chance to break through the throng. Spotting Felken, who had been missing since the king tossed him away, Nova and her sisters went after him.
Branna shot fire blasts at a cluster of demons in their way,
“Where is he?” Kyna yelled as she dodged a scaly arm swiping at her neck. She parried and stabbed through the arm with the knife in her left hand. Sweeping her right hand up, she glided the blade of that knife across the demon’s throat. Blood, black and thick, gurgled up out of its mouth, and she watched the life drain from his cold yellow eyes. It made her sick to think of how many lives she had taken so far and how many more she had yet to take. As if she sensed the struggle within her sister, Nova gave Kyna’s shoulder a reassuring squeeze.
“We’ll get through this, Kyna. We won’t be the same people when it’s over, but we will get through it.”
“Ah, girls, you may want to get over here.” Niamh’s voice trembled with fear. Following her mother’s line of vision, Nova felt her heart stop. This can’t be real, she thought. Even with all the crazy shit she’d seen recently, this definitely took the cake.
“What the fuck is that!” Branna yelled, her hands engulfed in flames, ready to blast the shit out of the new arrival.


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