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No negative reviews here. I promote the books I love and I never put down the books I don't.

Current Review Acceptance Status: OPEN

I am currently trying to get myself back into the reading and reviewing routine. I will not be accepting any books for review at this time. I have a new baby girl and my time is precious right now and in the upcoming future. I'm hoping to reopen the review submission section, but I'm not sure when that will happen. Thank you all for being so wonderful!

What format of books do I review?
  • I review ebooks (epub or mobi format) 
  • I review physical books (ARC or finished copies). With physical books I normally host a giveaway to pass that book onto a new reader, as long as the author/publisher is ok with that.

What age group and genre of book do I review?
  • The books I generally read are considered YA and New Adult (college age) and some adult. I am no longer accepting any MG books.
  • I love all genres of books from Contemporary to Science Fiction and just about everything in between. I do not read nor review: Historical, nonfiction, and religious books.
Do I review every book that comes across my inbox?
  • No, who has time for that? I consider myself selective.
  • If I'm reading a book and am really not liking or enjoying it and don't think my review will be a very positive one either I won't finish it or I won't review it. So, just because I agree to read and review your book doesn't necessarily mean when I get to it that I will review it. Everyone is different but I just want authors to know that I don't give purely negative reviews. I just don't find them productive, I won't waste my time and won't waste yours. Please keep in mind that if I do accept your book for review and can't finish it or don't want to, I will contact you to let you know rather than post negative reviews.

What do you need to do to submit a review request?

Email me! If the book sounds like something I'd like to read I'll respond back as quickly as I can. As a teacher and mom it may not be daily but I try to check my email as much as possible.

Thank you for being incredible storytellers!

I'm a book obsessed educator with an incredible need to read. I absolutely think authors are rock stars, seriously. And, I love helping promote and discuss your books no matter what publishing route you've taken (traditionally pubbed or self-pubbed). Even if I don't think your book is a good match for me and the blog readers I still love to friend people who have literature in common! You can friend me on Goodreads and Book Blogs.

In addition to the blog I post my reviews pretty much anywhere an author asks me as well as Amazon, Goodreads, B&N. But, sometimes I do group postings so if a review isn't cross posted everywhere the same day I post it here, give me some time. I also LOVE Twitter and I have a Facebook Page.

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Thank you for taking the time to read all of my review information before submitting! I know it's a lot!