My Favorite Authors

I enjoy laughing, crying, nail biting, and admiring when I'm reading a good book. These are just some of my favorite authors and why I love their writing so much!

John Green- For his fun and sarcastic characters that I can never help but love. For the plot twists that make me wonder, and the drama that makes me cry.

Suzanne Collins- She is one amazing writer, by far one of the best and greatest. The Hunger Games Trilogy is going to be a classic, a series kids should read in school. When she describes the poor conditions in the Districs I can visualize the pain, suffering and famine.

Kelley Armstrong- She is an excellent writer. Her Darkest Powers series created a detailed world filled with strong will and courage.

Sarah Dessen- Why wouldn't she be a favorite? She captures coming of age moments and glorifies them on paper. Her stories are real, the characters are loving and people anyone could know. Her books are amazing for their simple elements and their complex ones. 

Maria V. Snyder- I get lost in the worlds of Sitia and Ixia when I turn the pages in her books. She has created an alternate universe that everyone should venture to. She is able to bring characters to life and display them from pages in a book. I admire her ability to write and I get lost in the places she has conjured up.

Rachel Caine- Morganville is a place I want to live, even with all of it's goriness. The bond Caine has captured between those living in the Glass House is admirable. I love her writing style, her books never get old.


  1. Hi there! :) Just wanted to let you know that your blog is adorable and I really like your posts.
    Oh, and if you love John Green, you should check out his youtube channel if you haven't already. It's called vlogbrothers and he and his brother are absolutely HILARIOUS! :)

    Have a great week! :)

  2. Thank you!! I haven't seen the or YouTube channel but I shall check it out!!

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