Etsy Neat

It's no secret that I love Etsy. Every once in awhile I've come across some things that, as a book blogger, I feel I must share with the book community. It's random Etsy Neat things, that maybe not every house should have but mine definitely should!

While green isn't usually my color, 
look how awesome that is. 
Very Wonderland-esque. See it here

If you have the right house for this I think its spectacular. See it here

Because I kind of have a thing for owls... See it here

I admit I may be a little obsessed, with owls, not books ;)
For the kids in our lives or the kids at heart <3 See it here
This seller, loribiebel, has Storytime Art, and it's all pretty great.

Loving these colors together! See it here

Non-book related (although she does have bookmarks!) but completely blog worthy is an amazing and fun shop ran by my friend Holly. She sells "Gems and accessories to match your rockin ways!" And has the most adorable buttons, charms, pendants, necklaces, rings, earrings, guitar pick earrings, magnets, and so much more! 
It's a must see shop full of glittery goodness and beautiful craftsmanship.
visit HOLLYROCKS because she does!


  1. HOW SWEET of you to link up to my shop! You're such a good buddy. :-) I love your Etsy finds too. That green bookshelf would be so well-loved in my house...

  2. Those were all such cool bookshelves! I agree, the pipe-looking one would be awesome in someone's house! Thanks for sharing!

  3. That green bookshelf is amazing!!!

  4. I LOVE the green twisty bookshelf, and the owl book-ends. Awesome finds!

  5. Those are adorable! I want new shelves!!! :) And oh, your blog is lovely! I like your contents! :)

    New follower here! Thanks for dropping by my blog and for following! :)

    xoxo, april @books4juliet