Music and Lyrics

Maybe I listen to too much music, or maybe I read too much, or maybe my problem is option C: All of the Above, but when I read I always think of songs to go along with the books I'm reading.

Usually the songs are very obvious and then sometimes I don't know where I come up with the stuff that I do.

It actually started way back when I had first read Eclipse, the 3rd Twilight book (for those of you above all that is glittery vampireness). I was reading late one night and listening to The Goo Goo Dolls. When Let Love In came on I seriously couldn't stop thinking about it and it kept making me think about the story. And so it began.

I've found that The Honorary Title songs fill a lot of my iPod space. 

The Wombats a pretty upbeat band, especially compared to THT, tend to fill my reading playlist for fantasy and fairy books like Stiefvater's Lament and Livingston's Wondrous Strange. Like I previous stated, I don't know where I come up with this stuff.

Music and books, my passions. Have a favorite band or musician? Or a song that reminds you of a book or character? Share them here!


  1. I totally agree! :) I think that Florence + The Machine's Blinding song totally fits Jace and Clary in City of Glass! I listened to it when I was reading CoG and it suits the whole atmosphere I think :)

  2. AC/DC inspires me to write Supernatural fanfiction! Those boys are awesome!