Release Date: August 1, 2011
Publisher: Amulet Books, Imprint of Abrams
Age: Young Adult
Genre: Paranormal, Demons, Fantasy
Source: Publisher via Netgalley
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Jael Thompson has never really fit in. She’s changed schools too many times to count. The only family she’s ever known is her father, a bitter ex-priest who never lets her date and insists she attend the strictest Catholic school in Seattle. And her mother—well, she was a five thousand year old demon. That doesn’t exactly help. But on her sixteenth birthday, her father gives her a present that brings about some unexpected changes. Some of the changes, like strange and wonderful powers and the cute skater boy with a knack for science, are awesome. But others, like the homicidal demon seeking revenge on her family? Not so much. Steeped in mythology, this is an epic tale of a heroine who balances old world with new, science with magic, and the terrifying depths of the underworld with the ordinary halls of high school.

Misfit is an eclectic blend of past and present. The story, or rather stories, that take place in this amazing novel had me both grinning and frowning on a single page. The term half demon would usually brings about negative thoughts, but Misfit will change how you think. For me Misfit brought about diversity to an age old question, are all demons evil?

Throughout the novel the author, Jon Skovron, jumps between the past of two important characters: mortal Paul and demoness Astarte, and in the present we meet their daughter Jael, a half breed. Ultimately this is Jael's story, it is about finding herself and using events and sacrifices that happened in the past to strengthen and propel her into her uncertain future. I loved this style of writing, normally I don't enjoy when authors change narrators or point of views, but Jon Skovron pulled this storytelling off without a hitch. We learn alongside Jael the truths that for so long her dad kept from her through visions of the past.

Paul, Jael's father is a quiet man. He avoids answering every question Jael throws at him until he must face the fact that she is old enough to handle it. Jael is like any other teenage girl, but since she was a child she's known her mother was not human. Now at 16 she must face what she is and unleash what has been hidden for so long. With her newfound ability comes learning to use it. That's where her sweet natured Uncle Dagon comes into play. I loved his character. Jon Skovron could have taken the only other living relative of Jael's in any direction, and what he did was brilliant. Ah, I loved it!

In the story we also meet Jael's friends Britt and Rob. I can't say that I liked Britt, she was just annoying. I'll leave it at that. Rob on the other hand I am a fan of. He's a sweet and funny, nerdy, skateboarding heartthrob who definitely likes Jael, even if she can't really see that.

Misfit is a paranormal, fantasy filled, demon based young adult book. That said, it does deal with a lot of almost morbid situations. Brutal torture and cruelty are definitely found here, but it's a very necessary part of the story. A story that is about Demons. I would take nothing away from this fantastic read, all the elements made it the remarkable journey that it is. Hope lines every page, even the dark ones. I am definitely team half breed!

There's so much to love in this book. It's definitely worth a read, you won't be disappointed. 


  1. Great review! I might need to pick this one up now. Thanks for sharing, fellow blogroll member!

    Looking forward to hearing back from you,
    Cory @ Anti-Drug Reads

  2. awesome review, i am definitely going to be adding this to my "to read" list! Plus i find the cover art irresitable!

  3. I saw this one on NetGalley, and now I want to request it so badly! This sounds like such a fresh read with romance, action, and mythical creatures thrown in :D I really like how you said the author tells the story in different perspectives like that. Great review!