Wanted: Hero

Wanted: Hero Prelude to a Hero (Chronicles of a Hero) by Jaime Buckley
Release Date: May 27, 2011
Publisher: On the Fly Publications
Age: Young Adult
Genre: Adventure, Scifi
Format: e-book
Buy it: Amazon $.99

Wendell is a young man who learns what his potential is while on a strange, enchanted world with a funny old wizard and ugly troll to mentor and guide him. Prelude to a Hero, the debut book about how Wendell came to be the one expected to save an entire world. . . by accident.
Wanted: Hero Prelude to a Hero is a book that I may not have picked up off the shelves. It's different from the books I normally read and I'm glad I gave it a chance. It's an easy read and relatively short, it gives the reader just enough information to hook them in for more. More is what I'm now craving.

The beginning confused me and I felt lost. It's an introduction set in a foreign place that is hard to get into and understand. which led me to put the book down. Eventually, I went back and tried it again. Once the story starts moving it goes rather quickly, and is definitely easier to understand once Wendell's story starts. So what I'm saying is, really give it a chance it is a fascinating read.

It's a science fiction book with plenty of laughs and some cries too. It's a book many different people would appreciate for different reasons. Boys especially I think would enjoy the humor and story, filled with adventure and some action.

It is a story building introduction to a series that I think has some major potential and will garner a popular following. Great writing, fast paced (once you get into it) but sometimes it was a little confusing. Science fiction books are usually a little tough to follow, the names of places and people are new to us and take some getting used to. It features a slew of different characters and a new planet.

The story follows Wendell who is, admittedly, a dork. He is taken from Earth to fulfill his destiny, something he doesn't think he's capable of, and only just learned existed. There are trolls, a wacky wizard, and so many other fascinating secondary characters.

Even in this short prelude Wendell grows a lot. Things he thought were true end up being lies and he really has to figure out who the good guys are and who the bad guys are. And his ultimate decision is what to do with his life.

What would you do if you were captured by aliens claiming you were someone powerful and that you were from another planet and then they tell you that it's up to you to save them from something dark?


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