Stress is Poison

"Stress is when you wake up screaming and you realize you haven't fallen asleep yet."

I've been a terrible blogger lately. Working, keeping up the house, car accident (nothing major just annoying and sharing a car with the husband), assessments are due soon for conferences at school. It's just  been a lot at once and while I've been reading my reviews are kind of piling up. Sorry for the lack of reviews/info/everything else. I'm still here, kind of, mostly
Let's just say I've been feeling a lot like this

Hopefully after this week I'll be back to my normal self. 

Check back Saturday for sure for my review of The Willows: Haven as part of the Blog Tour.

Until then. :)


  1. I bet every single reader feels the stress thing...maybe it has to do with fall? All the new beginnings? New starts, new school years, new worries? The awesome thing about blogs is, when you're quiet you can just be quiet, and when you come back from the quiet, everyone is happy to hear from you again! I hope the stress melts away! Can't wait for your review of *The Willows: Haven*! The cover is amazing!

  2. Funny how some of my favorite bloggers are currently on hiatus as well. I am too. Ah maybe it's because it's now "autumn" (if you're from the US of course) and we're experiencing summer blues!

  3. Your title says it all -- and the monkey photo -- oh yes. You and me both. Good luck ditching some of that stress and getting back to yourself. ;)