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Publisher: Soul Fire Press
Age: Young Adult
Genre: Fantasy
Format: E-Book
When tragedy strikes, seventeen year-old Ashton Blake sets out on a cross-country road trip, leaving the comforts of Malibu for the mountains of Kentucky. Along the way, she encounters Gabe Willoughby—the mysterious drifter with eyes like the sea and a knowing smile. Getting to know Gabe raises questions about her past. But no secret can be buried forever, and Ashton soon finders herself in a world where water is air and myth becomes reality. Just as Ashton comes to accept her newfound heritage, she’s summoned to fulfill a treaty laid down centuries before — a treaty that will divide her love and test her loyalty. In the end, her future isn’t her biggest concern, her humanity is. To run may mean war, but is she strong enough to stay?
Haven is like a huge piece of red velvet cheesecake. Yes, that's a good thing.

Haven completely took me by surprise. It's original, fast-paced, and will keep you guessing. The characters you will meet when reading this spectacular book are some of the best villains and friends I personally have ever encountered. Hope Collier succeeds in creating a magnificent imaginative world of action and love that is sure to keep readers engaged.

The book starts off on the run, quite literally. It's Ashton's birthday and she's fleeing her own party. It's a page turner for sure, and a book that can be finished in one or two settings. While sometimes that's a bad thing in this case it's not. I couldn't put it down, and while I didn't want it to end I had to see what was going to happen and I was not disappointed. Hope Collier creates the perfect introduction into this book and series.

There are many well rounded and easy to love and hate characters throughout this book. My favorite would have to be the ever handsome Gabe. When we meet Gabe, in what seems like an accidental encounter, Ashton's life changes drastically. Now, weird things are happening. The fantasy aspect of the story is extremely refreshing and something I never expected. The settings described in this book are beautifully done, easy to visualize, and the mood Collier sets with well chosen words is always fitting. I will not go into what makes this book a fantasy because it's part of the surprise, there are reviews out there that will tell you and if you really want to know look for some of them. Learning Ash's past alongside her is part of the ride the reader should endure.

This book is definitely not lacking in the hot guy department or the who-should-she-choose department. It's got an amazing set of characters and the plot is unbelievable. I can't wait to read more about Ashton, the men in her life, and this new world she belongs to. It it the first book in the series, and there are few unresolved issues that I'm sure will work themselves out in books to follow.

I love the summary above, from Goodreads, it sums up this story perfectly without delving too much information. If The Willows: Haven sounds like your kind of read then check it out and if it doesn't check it out anyway!


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  1. thank you for this review. the book sounds really interesting. the more i read about it, the more i want it ^^

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  3. Wow, this one sounds amazing! I really like the sound of how it's a fantasy, and also how its fast-paced. Haha, and if this is as good as a piece of red velvet cheesecake, then I've got to try it :D Awesome review Carole!

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  4. I've heard so much good about this book! I love the idea of a Malibu girl in the mountains...totally intriguing!

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  5. Great review! Glad you liked it! I felt the same about the characters. ;) Thank you for participating!

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  8. This book sounds wonderful!! a great review, it is definitely going on my TBR pile :)