Swirls by F.A. Hershey Review

Release Date: June 2011
Age: Young Adult
Genre: Science Fiction, Fantasy
Format: E-Book
Source: Author
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Sixteen-year-old Julia finds herself leaving her London life behind to move with her parents to the Amazon jungle. A native descendant, she becomes familiarized with her own roots for the first time in her life. However, she never imagined she is about to discover much more than her own past but also just how crowded our little planet is...
I've never read a book like this one before. Julia is being moved from London to the Amazon to connect with a heritage she's never known very much about. The book takes an incredible turn once the characters are in the Amazon. We learn secrets, dark and buried family secrets that just might explain a lot.

Swirls is a story rich in scenery and a lush history that evolves throughout the book into much more than I ever expected. This book is so rich in elements from all of the stories that I love. It has romance, action, sci-fi, and more.

The beginning was a little slow and some parts were a bit confusing. Julia has strange dreams and until farther into the story they didn't make sense to me. But, once I read farther into the book it moved along nicely and became easier to follow, even as Julia's life seemed to spiral a bit out of control.

Making friends quickly, Julia, dives headfirst into this new life. She is a strong girl and a fascinating character. Unlike her mother who deals with the move in her own way. Normally it's the kid who is distant and moody, right? Well, she may have her reasons. Thankfully, Julia has a grandmother who has been there for her as more of a mother. While she does stay in London, they remain very close.

Julia has a gift, a gift that makes her unique even among the tribe she was born into but has never known. It's in learning about herself and those around her that she begins to understand about the past and a little about what to expect in the future. I want to say more but it's another book that I loved learning things for myself and I think other readers should too.

For those of you wondering, yes there is a love story amidst everything else going on. It's a great one too!

Swirls begins as a pretty normal run of the mill self discovery type book, and F.A. Hershey makes it into a very original tale. It's unique and fun, and definitely worth a peek!


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