My Mission

I have been on a mission for about 2 weeks now searching for a new template for the blog. While I liked mine, I was so over all the white (if you don't remember it was all white with a small tree on the header and some hearts and flowers). I'm a simple girl though and some layouts I've found are just way too busy. I really just couldn't figure out what I wanted until I found one that I absolutely loved.

I ventured all over from site to site and found some amazing graphic designers. I thought I'd list some here incase anyone else has the same struggle. I think for the most part these have both free and custom templates available, unless I've noted otherwise. Most are just blogger templates.

Louise Franks Designs
Blogaholic Designs
Leelou Blogs
Templates by Tenille
The Chic Boutique
Danielle Moss- Not free but so cute!
Design Muse- Not free
The Cutest Blog on the Block- Also has website templates
Hot Bliggity Blog
Delicious Deign Studio- A few cute freebies

As I've mentioned before I am an etsy lover! I fell in love with my template which was created by 
and I'm so happy with my choice to purchase it!!


  1. New follower :) stop by and enter my book review blog giveaway. I review all genres including YA.

  2. Aw, yeah I know the struggle of finding a new template. It can be extremely frustrating finding something fitting you and your blog, especially when you have an idea of kind of what you want and can't find it!

    I'm glad you finally found one you were happy with though! It definitely looks good, no doubt. :D

  3. Love the new template! Blogs are meant to be fluid to express your inner thoughts/feelings. What works one year, might not be fitting the next.