Top Ten Tuesday [3]

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Here are my top ten authors I would love to have at my Thanksgiving Feast

1. John Green- Hilarious, I mean come on! Have you seen his youTube channel vlogbrothers??

2. Sarah Dessen- Because she has chickens!! And of course, she rocks!

3. Veronica Roth- Anyone who created a book as intense and incredible as Divergent has a place at my table every night!

4. Maria V. Snyder- Every book of hers is in the top of my lists of favorites! She's the best!

5. Maggie Stiefvater- I love reading her posts on FB, she's amazing!

6. Kristin Cashore- One word, Graceling.

7. Ann Aguirre- She seems like a very fascinating person and I think Thanksgiving would be grand with her!

8. Carrie Ryan- Her writing is often so intense that I'd love to have a normal conversation with her!

9. Kelley Armstrong- Her books are so fun to quote, cute and witty phrases make my day, I bet she's filled with them!

10. Suzanne Collins- Her books are epic, she's a literary mastermind, of course I'd love to have her over for Thanksgiving! I give thanks for the Hunger Games everyday!


  1. Good call on adding Suzanne Collins. I would love to ask her some questions, like "what was your inspiration?" and "Gale or Peeta?" Just the important stuff. She almost made my list, but I was out of space!

  2. haha I agree with Julie's comment! or the question where the heck did the idea of The Hunger Games come from!??!! go check out my list @ My Pathway to Books

  3. Oh, I love this top ten tuesday's stuff!

    New follower, and loving your blog!

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