Pure Blood by Melissa Pearl Review and Giveaway

Release Date: February 2012
Age: Young Adult
Genre: Paranormal Romance, Supernatural, Time Travel, Love, Fantasy
Format: e-book
Source: Author
It is only a matter of time before Gemma's parents find out she traveled through time to bring Harrison back into existence. The fear of being found out is a heavy weight on her shoulders, but she refuses to give up on everything she's fought for. Harrison is worth the risk.

The couple draws closer together as they battle opposing forces from all sides. They stay strong until Gemma's parents welcome an exchange student into their home. Simeon, a gorgeous Californian, is as smooth as coffee and, supposedly, a fellow time spirit. Gemma's parents expect her to take him everywhere and, of course, fall in love with him. After all, he is the boy they have chosen for her.

No longer able to sneak off alone, Gemma must watch every step as she waits for the inevitable nightmare to catch up to her. Her parents ultimate goal is to get that last necklace and open the box hidden in their safe. If they do, Gemma knows her entire world will unravel.

As the danger mounts, Gemma must decide if she has the courage to make the ultimate sacrifice to save the ones she loves and stop to her parents' destructive plans.
Wow! Melissa Pearl is a mad genius, a master at her craft, and this remarkable author has successfully left me with my jaw on the ground. Oh the twists and turns and suspenseful journey that she has led her readers on. Pure Blood is one of the most thought provoking, emotional, and epic stories I've ever had the chance to experience. The shock that I am still in from the last few events of the book have left me awestruck. I'm at a loss for how to express how much The Time Spirit Books have meant to me and how sad I am to see this trilogy end (maybe I'm lucky and she will turn it into more than a trilogy). I know you're reading this Melissa, what do you say?

Ok, I'm done gushing, not really.

In all seriousness I think Pure Blood is the best ending for the series, it was perfect, more than perfect even. The events that lead up to the conclusion left only one possible ending, as heart wrenching as it was to read (I'm sure it was hard to write as well) it was beautifully done.

As this is a book 3 in the Time Spirit books I HIGHLY recommend reading Golden Blood and Black Blood first. It's not a series that can be read out of order, the build up to this book will be completely lost on anyone who doesn't experience the story in order.

The mounting suspense that has been featured throughout books 1 and 2 is met with closure in Pure Blood. We finally learn the events from Gemma's past and how she came to be with her family. The reader is faced with shocking truths and a hard to digest ending that still has me reeling. Melissa writes stories to be absorbed in, I am mesmerized when I read her prose and it makes it very hard to put her books down (which may be why I didn't until they were done).

I love the relationship of Gemma and Harrison, they are young but mature, independent and involved. It's fun to think back to where the series, and their relationship, started and where they have all ended up. My favorite line of the book comes from a conversation between Gabe and Harrison, "It takes a special kind of man to care for a strong woman. She needs you more than you know." And, I just love that. Gemma is strong, but in so many ways I see her as equally weak. She needs Harrison more than anything, I think he keeps her grounded.

Gabe is probably my favorite character in the books. He is vulnerable yet indestructible. I love when parents have positive roles in YA books, I think it's really important. Gemma and Gabe's relationship is a great one, and the relationship between Gabe and Harrison is wonderful as well.

I won't say anything else as to not give anything more away. Besides, if you've read Golden Blood and Black Blood chances are this one is already in your hands. :)

Thank you to Melissa for this amazing opportunity to read this fun and fascinating series of yours!

Giveaway Time
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And if you haven't already checked them out. Make sure to read my reviews of the whole series!


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