Boundless, Depths, and Tris

It has been 9 days since my last post.


Apparently, even in my absence, the world moves on. So here is some of what occurred in the last 9 days:

It is killing me to know that this book is out and I don't have my hands on a copy yet!

Steph Campbell and Liz Reinhardt announced Depths, a followup to Lengths featuring Cohen, due out in March! (and really I'm not sure the exact date this announcement was made but it had to have been in the last month).
Cohen Rodriguez, Deo’s hilarious and loyal best friend in LENGTHS, has always been ├╝ber responsible. He’s kept a steady job, is a generally nice guy, and has had the same steady girlfriend for years. But when she breaks up with him because he's 'not impulsive enough,' Cohen's burned up.
But, just maybe, she’s more right than he wants to admit.
So he starts to date.
A lot.
And he meets some really fun, crazy, smart, weird girls. But no one really feels like the one, and the more girls he dates, the more Cohen’s convinced she isn’t really out there.
Luckily he has Maren— the girl with the sexy voice who always cracks the best jokes, and who Cohen can talk to about anything, even all of his recent dating mishaps. They've been talking daily for a year…on the phone. They talk about orders for work at first, but eventually Cohen finds out that Maren loves baseball and Thai food and she loves going to the beach in the winter and sketching. He looks forward to his talks with Maren, because, like everything else in his life, they’re safe.
Then she asks him.
Do you want to meet?
It's one thing to chat for an hour or two every day. Meeting face to face could ruin the one and only stable, fun woman in his life.
Or it could be the best thing that's ever happened to him.
Cohen has to decide if he's ready to let go of his comfortable fantasy and embrace the girl who can change his luck in love.
I saw the video of Shailene Woodley talking about her role as Tris in Divergent and I don't know guys. I just don't know. All I see when I look at her is Secret Life...

More reviews next week. More book promos. and more awesomeness. :)


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