Love Unscripted Review

Love Unscripted by Tina Reber
Release Date: January 1, 2013
Publisher: Simon and Schuster: Atria Books
Age: Adult
Genre: Contemporary Romance, Actors, Drama, Love, Friendship, Romance
Format: ebook
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Ryan Christensen just wanted to be an actor. Never in his wildest dreams did he ever think that accepting a role in an unknown film would toss his career into overdrive. His new fame has cost him dearly; anonymity is no longer an option. His fans stalk him, the paparazzi hound him, and Hollywood studios all want a piece of him. Despite all of that, Ryan Christensen craves the most basic of human needs - to have love in his heart and privacy in his life.

Taryn Mitchell, the story's protagonist, is a realist. She's been feigning contentment, running the family pub in Seaport, Rhode Island, while quietly nursing her own internal heartaches. Her feet are fairly glued to the ground and she doesn't buy into all the hype that has descended on her tiny, coastal town. In her world, men are safe if they're kept at a distance.

Fate has other plans for these two when their paths cross one sunny afternoon. A group of female fans has attacked him, leaving his shirt torn, his face cut, and Ryan in obvious distress. Bonds between them form from the most dramatic of circumstances while jealousy, insecurity, and the stress of his celebrity life try to tear them apart.

Through all the tabloid lies, secrecy, and pressure, can Taryn's peace and Ryan's high-profile insanity live together in harmony?
Taryn owns a bar, has a fresh breakup wound, doesn't trust men, and is just an all around normal girl. She's filled with insecurities, faults, mistakes, and all out drama. Ryan Christiansen is so not a normal guy. He's on a fast track Hollywood career path as a well loved actor and he also leads a life that is far from anything Taryn has ever experienced. Treading in a powerful love filled with strong emotions they fight to stay together even when it seems that the odds are pushing them apart.

In one of the best Cinderella tales out there, Tina Reber writes a magnificent story about an all around smoking hot Prince Charming and a Princess that isn't too bad herself. While they are worlds apart their connection and chemistry keep them close. Thrown into Ryan's crazy world where fans stalk and pursue the couple Ryan and Taryn try their best to have a normal relationship. They romance moves fast, but as a reader it didn't feel fast at all. Definitely no insta-love lurking between these pages. Holding onto a close friendship before giving into their desires, Ryan and Taryn build up a beautiful love story.

This couple did make me a little crazy, though. There's a lot of back and forth drama, Ryan could be extremely controlling which under the circumstances was necessary. The media took Ryan's position and distrorted many truths making it hard for Taryn to trust anything that was going on when he was away. Overall this book is a wonderful romance, filled with ups and downs. Loads of surprises get thrown the readers way, and it's an addictive read that I didn't put down. It's a fantasy come true for some girls, to date a movie star, and it's about one of the realest fantasies I've read. It isn't all rainbows and butterflies.

Every character in this book plays a meaningful role. From Taryn's best friends that tell her like it is, to Ryan's devoted bodyguards, and even some other A-List celebs who turn up in their lives. It's a beautiful love story that definitely hits some major bumps. Ryan is one of the most down to earth and romantic men I've read about, even with his profession. He definitely made me swoon once or twice!

One thing about this book is it is long. 600 pages. Normally for me, the longer the better, but I kind of felt like something kept coming up and it would keep going. I found myself thinking, end the book already, multiple times. I did love it and am very glad it is the length it is, but while reading it just made me exhausted to still be reading their story. So much happens between the pages and there are so many excellently written and created secondary characters that I'm excited to follow into books 2 and 3!

So, let's recap. Beautiful love story, long book, Cinderella, dramatic plotting, seriously delusional fans, loyal friends, normal lives (haha, right), strong chemistry, hot romance, and an overall unforgettable story. It's not lacking in any department and would make an excellent film!

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