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updated 11/30/18
Abelson, Jacqueline: Hear
Adams, Christina J.: The White Lilac
Aguirre, Ann: Enclave
Alexandra, Jourdan: Euphoria
Ambrose, Adrianne: Fangs for Nothing
Amelie, Fisher: Callum and Harper
Amelie, Fisher: Thomas and January
Amelie, Fisher; Vain
Angelini, Josephine: Starcrossed
Ann, Jewel E: Scarlet Stone
Armstrong, Kelley: The Gathering
Askew, Kim: Tempestuous
Aster, Willow: In the Fields
Aster, Willow: True Love Story
Bellingeri, Chelsea: New England Witch Chronicles
Browning, Taryn: Dark Seeker
Browning, Taryn: Whispering Hills
Buckley, Jaime: Prelude to a Hero
Caine, Rachel: Fade Out
Caine, Rachel: Kiss of Death
Caine, Rachel: Ghost Town
Campbell, Sean: Nowhereville
Carlyle, Clarissa: Just Like Heaven
Carson, Rae: The Girl of Fire and Thorns
Castle, Jacqueline: The Dragonfly Prophecy
Castle, Jennifer: The Beginning of After
Cole, Courtney; If You Stay
Collier, Hope: The Willows: Haven
Colyer, Cherie: Embrace
Contreras, Claire: Darkness Before Dawn
Contreras, Claire: There is No Light in Darkness
Cooper, Jodie B.: Forbidden Temptation of a Vampire
Crane, Shelly: Accordance
Crane, Shelly: Significance
Crane, Julia: Coexist
Creagh, Kelly: Nevermore

Dailey, Sara: Pack of Lies
Day, Kristen: Forsaken
Deagan, Rachel: Caged Moon
Defiance by C.J. Redwine
Delany, Shannon: Secrets and Shadows
Derting, Kinberly: Desires of the Dead
Dessen, Sarah: What Happened to Goodbye
Dionne, Aubrie: Colonization
Donovan, Rebecca: Reason to Breathe
Dooling, Paige: Protectors
Doughton, Autumn: In This Moment
Echols, Jennifer: Dirty Little Secret
Eliot, Anne: Almost
Ellison, Kate Avery: Frost

Gavin, Andy: Darkening Dream
Glenn, Priscilla: Back to You
Glines, Abbi: Because of Low
Glines, Abbi: Breathe
Glines, Abbi: Fallen Too Far
Glines, Abbi: Just for Now
Glines, Abbi: Never Too Far
Glines, Abbi: The Vincent Boys
Glines, Abbi: Twisted Perfection
Gow, Kailin: Saving You Saving Me
Grace, Amanda: The Truth About You and Me
Grace, Ellie: This Time Around
Grant, Michael: Eve and Adam
Gray, Claudia: Afterlife
Green, John: The Fault in Our Stars
Green, John: Looking for Alaska
Grover-Swank, Denise: After Math
Halle, Karina: Come Alive
Halle, Karina: Shooting Scars
Halle, Karina; Sins and Needles
Hand, Cynthia: Hallowed
Hand, Cynthia: Unearthly
Harbison, Paige: New Girl
Harrington, Hannah: Saving June
Hudson, Tara: Hereafter
Hutchison, O'Dell: The Weeping
Ivy, Alyssa Rose: Beckoning Light
Ivy, Alyssa Rose: Flight
Ivy, Alyssa Rose: Focus
Ivy, Alyssa Rose: Found

Jones, Amy: Soul Quest
Jones, Krystle: Veiled Innocence
Kagawa, Julie: Iron King
Karr, Julia: XVI
Kate, Lauren: Passion
Kenneally, Miranda: Catching Jordan
Kirkpatrick, Karly: The Green
Kizer, Tim: Intoxication
Kuehne, Lisa: True Intentions
LaFevers, Robin: Grave Mercy
Larry, Natasha: Darwin's Children
Livingston, Lesley: Darklight
Livingston, Lesley: Tempestuous
LoTempio, Toni: Raven's Kiss
Lu, Marie: Legend
Lynn, J.: Wait for You

Mafi, Tahereh: Shatter Me
Marx, Elizabeth: All's Fair in Vanities War
McAdams, Molly: From Ashes
McAdams, Molly: Taking Chances
McGuire, Jamie: Beautiful Disaster
McLaughlin, Jen: Out of Line
McQuerry, Maureen: The Peculiars
Mead, Richelle: Vampire Academy
Merrill, Brianna: Son of Eden
Meyer, Marissa: Cinder
Meyers, J.: Intangible
Moore, Addison: Ephemeral
Murphy, Monica; One Week Girlfriend
Murphy, Monica: Second Chance Boyfriend
Murray, Bert: Colin Preston Rocked and Rolled
Myers, Chris; Lennon's Jinx
Pearl, Melissa: Black Blood
Pearl, Melissa: Forbidden Territory
Pearl, Melissa: Golden Blood
Pearl, Melissa: Pure Blood
Pine, Katherine: After Eden
Pine, Katherine: Beloved Purgatory
Plissner, Laurie: Screwed
Rayburn, Tricia: Siren
Reber, Tina; Love Unscripted
Redmerski, J.A.: The Edge of Never
Redmerski, J.A.: Mayfair Moon
Reinhardt, Liz: Double Clutch
Reinhardt, Liz: Slow Twitch
Reinhardt, Liz: Lengths


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